We help legends be legends.

The Whiz-Bang experience is built and crafted by the team at Stereotonic. We are one of the industry's most sought after music-centric design and consulting houses. We pull a 1-2 punch with our unique approach of design and consulting to make sure that we are an integral part of your team.


Art Direction / Web Sites / CD Packaging / Logos / Branding / Merch Design / Posters / Social Media Branding / Illustration /

Cohesive Branding

Let's build your brand together. From merch design, to your website and music packaging, we can pull everything together so your look as as cohesive as your sound.


Management / Touring / Promotion / Booking shows / Licensing / Publishing / How to Make Supplement Money / Social Networking / Album Launching / and much more!

Networking Extension

Lacking the proper contacts to make it happen? Have ours. We will make the appropriate introductions to the industry folks that can move your career forward. Let us start the conversation.